Brian Bengs for US Senate Building Bridges for South Dakotans

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Friends, I wish I could have delivered victory for our ideals and principles. Nevertheless, it’s in the struggle to advance causes that are right, moral, and just where there is most meaning and value. Do not surrender to the growing cynicism that diminishes hope for a better future. In the words of President Eisenhower, “Our American heritage is threatened as much by our own indifference as it is by the most unscrupulous office seeker or by the most powerful foreign threat. The future of this Republic is in the hands of the American voter. In the long perspective of history, the right to vote has been one of the strongest pillars of a free society. Our first duty is to protect this right against all encroachment."

What was true in the past remains true today: the only way to protect our own rights is by protecting the rights of others. I owe a debt of gratitude to so many. To each of you who has donated your time, talent, or treasure to our common cause, know that I truly appreciate your support. The campaign only achieved what it did because of you. To those who lent me the power of your vote, it was the honor of my life to have so many place such confidence in my ability to champion your values in the U.S. Senate. Keep your faith in democracy and keep fighting the good fight for a better future.

Meet Brian

Brian Bengs likes to fix things. In his spare time, he enjoys working on old cars to restore their former glory. Much like an old car, the function and beauty of America is still there waiting for us to put in the elbow grease and know-how to make it shine again.

Vote for someone with experience, knowledge, and a willingness to get his hands dirty doing what needs to be done. Brian got his start in rural north Iowa where he learned Midwestern values of hard work, honesty, and doing a job right the first time.

Brian Bengs

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