Brian’s Interview With the Politics Girl Podcast

Aberdeen S.D. – “Today’s our first extra pod leading up to the midterms and I’m thrilled to have it be with Senatorial candidate for South Dakota Brian Bengs. And you might think, a Democrat in South Dakota? Whaaaat? But, yes, we have to stop ceding rural territories and states to Republicans. The heartland used to be a stronghold for the Democrats, but there’s been a growing, and perhaps self fulfilling, belief that the Democratic Party can’t compete in rural America, and that’s just not true. South Dakota might be a red state, but Brian, JAG lawyer, professor and career veteran of both the US Navy & the Air Force is truly resonating with the people of his state. Polling and surveys shows that when voters are presented with head to head profiles between Bengs & current Senator John Thune, Bengs wins every time. We just need to give him the support to make sure people see him as a real contender.” said the Politics Girl Podcast host Leigh McGowan.

Listen to Brian’s interview on the Politics Girl Podcast here!