Brian Bengs BIG BOLD News Roundup

Vote for Bengs in November

Bengs is well-qualified to serve in the U S Senate. Brian served in the US. Navy and the US. Air Force. In the Air Force, he served in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. Bengs worked tirelessly to prevent and address corruption as a federal ethics advisor and prosecutor. He ensured that military decision-makers complied

WNAX – Changing Direction

Aberdeen, S.D. – Several polls in the past few weeks from CBS News and the Associated Press among others report that up to eighty five percent of those polled think the country is headed in the wrong direction. South Dakota democratic Senate candidate Brian Bengs says that sounds about right. Listen to Brian’s interview on WNAX

Daily Kos – Competitive Senate Race in South Dakota!

Washington, D.C. – The heartland used to be a Democratic stronghold but many now believe that the Democratic Party cannot compete in rural America. In 2004, 6 of 8 Senate seats in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska were held by Democrats. Today, that number is 0. We are trying to determine if the

South Dakota Standard – Bengs campaign releases poll showing newcomer has a chance, with Thune leading but facing doubts by South Dakota voters

Sioux Falls, S.D. – “After testing four frames giving the respondents additional information — one positive Bengs frame, one negative, one positive Thune frame and one negative — Bengs ultimately led Thune 45% to 38%,” according to the release. The poll claims only 41% of South Dakotans had a favorable opinion of Thune, while 46%