Democratic Hopefuls Stop In Yankton

Yankton, S.D. – Brian Bengs, an Aberdeen assistant professor and former Judge Advocate General (JAG) attorney, is challenging John Thune, the second-ranking GOP senator. Thune previously served in the U.S. House and is seeking his fourth U.S. Senate term. Thune has touted his seniority as an asset for South Dakota, which he said will grow even stronger should the GOP take control of the Senate. Bengs questioned that claim on two counts. In 2004, South Dakotans were willing to replace then-U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, the most powerful Democratic senator, with Thune despite Daschle’s clout, Bengs said, adding he believes the state’s voters are ready to repeat history. As for seniority, Thune hasn’t used his position to benefit his home state, Bengs said. “(Thune) hasn’t done anything … to make South Dakotans’ lives better,” the challenger said. Read the full article here.