Letter to the Editor – Time for a U.S. senator who supports increased access to affordable health care

“John Thune voted against capping insulin prices. Thune voted yes on three separate bills to end the Affordable Care Act, potentially terminating health insurance for 30 million Americans and 150 million Americans with preexisting conditions. Thune voted to end Medicare as we know it and replace it with a voucher system. We deserve better than this.

Brian Bengs, candidate for U.S. Senate, has made a covenant with the people of South Dakota to expand access to affordable health care, reduce prescription drug prices and champion increased funding for Native American treaty obligations regarding health care. Bengs supports Medicaid expansion in South Dakota, which would provide coverage for more than 42,000 lower-wage workers who do not have health insurance through their jobs. Bengs would vote to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security, not weaken them as Thune has tried to do. Bengs will work to protect the Affordable Care Act which, has improved our health care system and ensured that South Dakotans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage.

If you care about your access to affordable health care, vote for Brian Bengs for senate, the right choice for South Dakotans.”

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