For far too long, our government has drifted away from working on behalf of middle class folks, to instead only focusing on the rich and the powerful. If elected to represent South Dakota in the U.S. Senate, my priorities would be:

  1. Build Upon and Strengthen the ACA – The Affordable Care Act was a monumental piece of legislation that helped over 25 million Americans gain quality, comprehensive health care coverage. As an Independent when this legislation passed, I was for the ACA as it significantly improved our health care system and made sure South Dakotans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage. Additionally, I am for the expansion of Medicaid in South Dakota. This would help over 2,000 working-class South Dakotans who are not offered health care through their jobs.
  2. Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share! – For far too long, the rich and powerful in this country have taken advantage of the U.S. tax code at the expense of the working class. Over the past 40 years, the rich have received four significant tax cuts. It is past time that the rich pay their fair share so we can invest in policies that benefit the working class and help pay down the $30 trillion debt.
  3. Lower Taxes for Working Class South Dakotans – I am running to give a hand up for working-class South Dakotans. If given the privilege to serve you in the U.S. Senate, I will vote to permanently extend the Child Tax Credit, which reduced childhood poverty by over 40 percent. Additionally, I would vote to enhance the Earned Income Tax Credit, which would help put more money in the pockets of working-class South Dakotans.
  4. Protect Medicare and Social Security – For decades, working-class South Dakotans paid into Medicare and Social Security, so when the time came for them to retire, they could have the peace of mind that they would have quality health care and income succeed. Despite numerous attempts by Republicans to gut both of these vital programs, they have continued to deliver quality benefits to our nations’ senior citizens. I would vote to protect and strengthen these critical programs, not weaken them as Sen. Thune has voted to do.
  5. Clean Up Our Government – As a JAG Officer, part of my job was making sure our government was as ethical as possible. If elected to the Senate, I would support the STOCK Act, banning members of Congress from buying stock and sending stock shares previously bought into a blind trust. I am all for rooting out corruption in our government. South Dakotans have lost confidence in government due to scandals and ethical lapses, as we see in our state government in Pierre and national government in Washington D.C.
  6. Take On Big Ag – Farmers are the backbone of South Dakota’s economy and have been putting food on the table for Americans for generations. Due to corporate consolidation, four meatpacking companies own roughly 80 percent of the meat packing industry. We are seeing this all over the agricultural industry, as corporations dramatically increase their prices while the ranchers and farmers do most of the work and are left out of the deal. As your Senator, I would work to reduce marketplace consolidation and strengthen antitrust laws to ensure the farmers and ranchers reap economic benefits from their labor.
  7. Reduce Our National Defense Spending – As a 26 year veteran of the U.S. Navy and the Air Force, I am deeply familiar with the demands of military service and the funding needed to put our troops in a position to succeed. In 2020, our defense budget was larger than the next 11 countries combined. Despite withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan, Congress saw fit to increase defense funding even more than President Biden requested for 2022. As a career military officer, I understand the need for an effective military. Still, I share President Eisenhower’s concerns about what our society trades for it and will work to maximize accountability for defense spending.
  8. Improve Both Our State and Nation’s Infrastructure – What made America the world’s most robust economy for decades was the strength of our infrastructure. After decades of use, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a D+ rating in 2017. This year, John Thune voted against the historic, bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Not only would this legislation give billions of dollars to improve our roads and bridges and replace all lead pipes for clean drinking water, but it would also give rural broadband to the entire state. If I am elected to represent you in the Senate, I would vote and advocate to improve our states’ infrastructure, not continue to let it decay as John Thune has.
  9. Support Getting Rid of the Filibuster – The reason why South Dakotans do not trust our government is that they see nothing getting done on issues that help benefit their lives. This is the case because politicians are abusing the filibuster to block health care, child care, worker protections, and dozens more. Getting rid of the filibuster will help increase transparency in our government and allow us to debate bills on merit. Additionally, it would preclude the need for complex, pieces of legislation that are thousands of pages long.
  10. Take On Climate Change – South Dakota is most at risk for extreme heat, drought, and flooding. 2021 was a drought year for much of our state, while 2019 brought us severe floods. While both have happened before, the climate change risk is increased regularity and severity that imposes significant costs in human life, livelihood, and security. As Senator, I will support actions such as tax incentives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and for clean energy vehicles, investments to speed the transition of our economy from fossil fuels toward renewable sources, and more funding for renewable energy research. When I think about clean energy, I see Americans with good-paying jobs and everyone with more money in their pockets due to lower utility bills.