Brian Bengs BIG BOLD News Roundup

Get to know U.S. Senate candidate Brian Bengs

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Brian Bengs addressed different topics during his appearance on KSDN. Bengs will be running for a political office for the first time in his career. Bengs explains why he’s running. Bengs will challenge Senator John Thune in the November elections. Listen to the full interview here.

Democrat Bengs Seeks Major Upset In US Senate Race

Yankton, S.D. – Bengs says it’s time for a change. “My message is there’s a lot of problems in this country, and John Thune isn’t really addressing them. He’s a career politician, and I’m not,” Bengs said during a recent media interview in Yankton. Bengs has served in the military, as a lawyer and as

Empowering democracy for ‘regular folks’

Huron, S.D. – Bengs spent a significant amount of his life in the military, joining the Navy immediately after graduating from high school in Iowa. After military service, he received a degree in history from Iowa State University and got his law degree from the University of Iowa. That led to a 19-year career with the

State leaders, orgs react to Roe v. Wade ruling

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Brian Bengs, the Democrat candidate challenging Thune in the November election, said he was “appalled at the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade. I am heartbroken for my fellow South Dakotans now subject to the state’s trigger law that goes into effect immediately,” Bengs said in a statement. “South Dakotans already spoke

U.S. Senate candidate Brian Bengs talks about his campaign

Yankton, S.D. – Democrat Brian Bengs is working to ramp up his campaign challenging incumbent republican Senator John Thune. He says his message is time for a change. Bengs says money, finance and taxes is a central theme. Bengs is a former instructor at Northern State University and a veteran of the Navy and Air Force. This

Bengs: Corruption Comes from One-Party Rule

Aberdeen, S.D. – Bengs says he hopes to help reorganize Democratic county parties across South Dakota. He says one-party rule is bad for the state. “It engenders corruption and it gives a free pass for people to do some things that are shady that wouldn’t fly in a situation where there was a competitive environment. If, for